Photo by Henry Sowinski

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Encoding Kunstfiguren


Preceding the Programmed Performance »Encoding Kunstfiguren«, artist Liese Endler shot a video to document the costumes and movements of the performers. I created the soundtrack for this video in Ableton Live with the Plug-In Bazille by u-he.

Sound App

The Android App for »Encoding Kunstfiguren« recognizes WiFi networks nearby and computes which sounds to play back according to that input. The sounds it can choose from derive from the aforementioned soundtrack. The smartphone worn by the performer is connected to a loudspeaker - hidden in the costume - via Bluetooth. The result is an inidivdual soundtrack on the move. Developed in Java. In preparation, an OSX and Windows version was developed in Max 7.


I performed the figure »KNSTFGR 1«, inspired by the »Archivist«, developed by Liese Endler in 2014.

More on the program for »KNSTFGR 1«


The official website had to convey the aesthetic of the piece and serve as info hub for visitors who wish to further explore the work. Images of the performers and asbstract objects move around the space on the screen to provoke impressions connected to the performance itself. Developed in JavaScript.

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