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ECHO/Raum #1


The question of Echo as mythical figure and as physical phenomenon were at the center of friendly fire’s durational performance „ECHO/Raum #1“, staged in February 2013 during the symposium Die Praxis der/des Echo in Leipzig.

The performance was a durational piece and visitors were invited to enter and leave at their own pace. It consisted of scenes of different types and with different input material like Ovid's text on the mythical figure Echo or a song by R. Kelly. Movements were created based off of paintings and imagery surrounding the figure Echo. I was a central part of the group of performers on stage.

Loop Program

The program, written for the piece in Max 6, served to record the voices of the performers with microphones and the help of a foot switch/pedal to be able to feed them back, or echo them, into the performance space at later points in time. Furthermore, the possibility for the director Michael Wehren to sonically shape and alienate the echoed material evoked the mythical figures only way of expressing herself through slight changes in the repeated utterings.

The program found use again in the performance »BÜHNEN. ENTER THE STAGES« staged in Leipzig’s Centraltheater (now Schauspiel Leipzig) in a similar way.

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